Caustic Soda Prills (Pearls) - 99 %


Caustic Soda Prills (Sodium hydroxide)are solid small fused white pearls, color- and odorless and very hygroscopic. The product is free of anti-caking and flow agents and offers significant advantages to conventional granules or flakes. For more information on Caustic Soda Prills, please See our Specification and Application Sheet.

Caustic Soda Prills consist of solid fused caustic soda pearls. Our manufacturing technique ensures a consistent diameter (<1mm) guaranteeing a rapid and easy dissolution in common solvents (water, ethanol, methanol). This is important in manufacturing processes and/or (cleaning) formulations, where good mixing properties are required. Caustic Soda Prills and other caustic soda solutions are highly corrosive and must therefore be handled with great care.

Product Name
Caustic Soda Prills(CSP)
Chemical Name
Sodium Hydroxide
Chemical Formula
Physical form
CAS. No:
Boiling Point (o C):
Melting Point (o C):
Solubility (water):
Soluble with evolution of heat
Solubility (Other):
Alcohols, Glycerol
Specific Gravity​
Regional availability


Chemical Production

* Sodium aluminate, Sodium Cyanide
* Alumina, Silicate, Polycarbonate
* Alkaline Flooding of Oil Fields
* Scrubbing of Off-Gases

Oil & Gas Production

* Ph Control in Drilling Muds
* Removal of Bactericide & Calcium
* Zeolites, Expoxides
* Pigments (Titanium oxide)

Petroleum & Natural Gas Processing

* Removal of Acidic Contaminant from Refined Products
* Extraction of Phenols
* Scrubbing of Off-Gases

Detergents, Soaps and Cleaners

* Sodium tripolyphosphate (detergents)
* Sodium hypochlorite (household bleach, disinfectant)
* Soaps, household cleaning
* Oven cleaners, drain pipe cleaners

Textile Finishing Process

* Scouring to remove contaminants
* Bleaching with oxidizing agent
* Mercerizing to improve luster and dye absorption


* Combating foot and mouth diseases
* Decomposing straw

Beverages and Dairies

* Cleaning of fats
* Water treatment
* Cleaning of equipment
* Ion exchange resin regeneration

Food Processing Edible Oil Refining

* Production of Pretzels
* Refining of edible oils
* Treatment of straw to improve nutrition value and disgestability
* Lye peeling of fruits and vegetables

Municipal Water and Sewage Treatment

 * pH control
* Odour treatment
* Effluent treatment
* Descalling of piping networks


* Sodium phenolate (Antiseptics, Aspirin)
* Various production processes

General Purpose

* pH Control
* Water acid neutralization
* Catalysis/Drying agent
* Paint stripper, polishes

General Purpose

* Degreasing agent for cleaning metal surfaces
* De-enamelling
* Ion Echange resin regeneration
* Scrubbing of off-gases


25 KG PP Bag

Packed in 25 KG bag made of woven polypropylene sacks laminated and inserted with polyethylene liners.

25 KG PE Bag

Packed in 25 KG bag made of polyethylene.


40 or 45 PP/PE bags of 25 KG on a pallet. These pallet is wrapped with clear shrinkage wrapping film.

Slip Sheet

50 Bags of 25 KG on a Slip Sheet

25 KG Steel Drums

Each Drum is inserted with polyethylene.

Steel Drum in Pallet

48 Drums on a pallet wrapped with clear shrinkage wrapping film..

Jumbo Bags

1000 Kg Bags made of woven Polypropylene and inserted with Polyethylene wrapped with clear shrinkage wrapping film shipped on pallet.


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